Appreciate our truckers

Appreciate Our Nation’s Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers Drive the Economy

Some days we tend to forget to appreciate the people in our nation that keep us going strong. Road transportation makes it possible for freight to reach our customers easily and in a timely manner. Truck drivers deliver the goods and commodities that we on a day to day basis. 

Truckers Facilitate Other Modes of Transportation

Over the road transportation provides the link to sea, air, and rail transport. Truck drivers deliver goods to the terminals where they can be loaded on ships, cargo planes, or trains. Road transportation, managed by our truckers is what makes international trade and global movement of goods possible.

Truck Drivers Keep Our Roads Safe

By following all rules and regulations set for safe driving, truck drivers ensure that the roads are safe for other drivers and pedestrians.

Truck Drivers are Always at Work

Torrential rains, rough storms, heavy snowfall, or hot summer days; nothing can stop truck drivers from working. They’re working even when the roads are closed due to rough weather and nobody else is out and about.

Truck Drivers Help to Keep the Calm

When disaster strikes truck drivers are the first to offer their services to go to the affected areas with food, clothing, medical aid, and other support. If required, they also help evacuate the people to safety. This is something to appreciate. 

Truck Drivers Stay Away From Their Families For Many Days

Truck driving requires drivers to be on the road for days, sometimes even weeks at a time. Drivers often miss out on special occasions with their loved ones. We must thank not only the truck drivers, but also their families who support them in fulfilling their duties efficiently and effectively.


As a part of the trucking industry, we at Werner Service and Trucking Inc would like to thank the truck driver community for the work they do to keep our business operating seamlessly and efficiently, and for keeping our customers happy with every trip they make. Here’s a big THANK YOU to the drivers who keep our lives moving!  We appreciate you!

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