Driving in the Fog

Driving in the FogFog

Driving in the fog can be extremely dangerous for any driver. This danger increases when drivers do not know how to drive in the fog and fail to reduce their speed when driving in foggy conditions. Fog is often unexpected, and a driver’s visibility can deteriorate quickly. Truck drivers must adjust to meet these conditions to keep themselves and others on the road safe. Here are some tips to keep you safe while driving in foggy weather conditions.

  • Reduce your speed even if you know the road well. There is a chance that the fog may be “hiding” a collision in front of you. This would prevent you from having enough time to react properly. Do not drive faster than your vision, reaction time, and stopping distance permits.
  • Roadside highway reflectors should be used as guides to determine where the roads may curve ahead of you.
  • Windshield wipers and defrost should be used as necessary to maximize visibility.
  • Use your low-beam headlights and fog lights for best visibility, even during the day. High-beam headlights do not penetrate dense fog.
  • Pay attention and obey all traffic signs and fog related warnings.
  • Be aware of other drivers who may not have turned their lights on.
  • Turn on your four-way flashers to give other drivers a chance to notice your vehicle.
  • Watch for vehicles on the side of the road. Headlights or tail lights ahead of you are not always a good indicator of where you are on the road.
  • Listen to the traffic report and traffic that you cannot see.
  • Do not change lanes or pass other vehicles unless necessary.
  • Do not stop on along side of the road unless necessary. Drivers behind you may assume you are on the road. If you need to pull over, turn your hazards on immediately. To avoid stopping on the side of the road try to find a safe parking area to stop at.

Stay Cautious

Foggy conditions are not always an expected bad weather condition. However, for many truck drivers, it is the most difficult situation to drive in. Truck drivers should use you’re their best judgement and these tips to stay safe when driving in the fog.

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