Truck Accidents

Preventing Truck Accidents

Reasons Why Truck Accidents Happen

A large percentage of truck accidents occur in truck stop parking lots. To a driver this can be devastating and expensive. The increase of accidents is caused by a combination of reasons.

  • Although the number of trucks in the industry have increased, the size of parking lots has not. Most truck stops were built in the 70’s. Since then, trailer sizes have increased by 13’ in length and are 6” wider.
  • Driver trainers tend to bring their trainees to practice in these small parking lots. Because many trainers have not ever owned their own truck, and do not understand the nervousness of owner-operators as their trainees back their trucks in next to theirs.
  • Poorly trained, unskilled drivers are another reason for the increase of truck accidents in parking lots.

Protect Your Truck

Here are a few ways that a driver can avoid truck accidents.

  • Park at the back of the parking lot. Most traffic occurs at the front of the lot, as drivers tend to want to park close to the buildings.
  • If possible, park with one side of your truck next to a light pole. This will reduce the chance of another truck backing in on that side of your truck.
  • Avoid busy areas with undersized parking lots. Try to eat and stay in the larger places outside of town. These places usually have plenty of parking.
  • Stop early for the night.
  • Try to park between trucks that look like they are parked for the night.
  • Make note of who parks beside you. Record the company name, license plate, and unit number.
  • Watch other drivers closely as the back in.
  • Invest in a dash cam. This could be a great investment that could potentially help a driver to protect their rig in the case of an unseen truck accident.

A truck is more than that to their owners. It is an expensive piece of equipment, that for some is their lively hood. For some driver’s their truck is their home, their way of living, their income, and so much more. It is important for drivers to stay alert, cautious, and prepared for anything.

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