Renewable diesel

Renewable Diesel

What is Renewable Diesel?

Renewable diesel 100% renewable and sustainable. Chemically it’s like petroleum diesel, but it burns cleaner than diesel. Cleaner burning fuel enables a truck’s engine to have better throttle response. The tractors start quickly in the cold, as well as consume less fuel at low loads.

Renewable Diesel

What is the Difference Between Renewable Diesel, Petroleum Diesel, and Bio-diesel?

Petroleum Diesel: Crude oil is the basis of Petroleum-based fossil fuels.  Hydrocarbons, organic compounds, and small amounts of metal make up its structure. It is extracted from the ground, pumped into a refinery, and refined through heat and a pressure-based process called hydrogenation.

Biodiesel: Biodiesel does not rely on fossil fuels. It comes from vegetable oils and animal fats, which are renewable. Processing biodiesel introduced oxygen into the fuel, which can cause problems. The problems involve cold temperatures, separation during storage, algae growth, and higher emissions. Biodiesel is a blend with petroleum diesel at a 5% to 20% ratio.

Renewable Diesel: Renewable biodiesel is not a fossil fuel. Renewable diesel comes from renewable resources such as natural fats, vegetable oils, and greases. Agricultural waste products, waste vegetable oils, and waste animal fats make of the composition.

Soybeans and the waste from livestock are a part of our clean, low-carbon fuel. Renewable diesel and petroleum diesel undergo the similar processing, so chemically, they are the same.  However, because it is hydrogenated, renewable diesel does not contain oxygen. Therefore, it will not freeze in cold temperatures. It burns cleaner than bio-diesel. Its also in engines that are designed to run on conventional diesel fuel with no blending required.

Where is Renewable Diesel Available?

As the state of California has the low carbon fuel standard, its where renewable diesel is primarily for sale. Delivery costs are higher for non-coastal states. These higher costs coupled with lack of incentives means the fuel could be much more expensive. However, high price does not stop fleets from making the switch for environmental benefits.

Renewable diesel is an innovative, premium drop-in fuel option. It allows you to significantly cut your carbon footprint without sacrificing the performance of traditional diesel.

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