Responsibility and Self-Reliance

Responsibility and Self-Reliance

Trucking is different from other industries because it requires a high level of personal responsibility and self-reliance. Some jobs allow for others to finish your work for you, or even have others around you that you can turn to when you have questions or need help deciding. In trucking, it’s all on you!

Those that fail to stand up and accept responsibility for their decisions do not fare well in the trucking industry. There is no one out on the road to hold your hand and guide you. Dispatch is a phone call away, but they cannot always tell you what to do.

The road assist departments will send you a message about what to do, but if that does not work, then what do you do? You are totally on your own, and your mistakes are yours to accept and to learn from.

Placing the blame on someone or something else to avoid accepting responsibility for your actions will cause you to lose credibility with dispatch as well as respect. We are human, and we are going to make mistakes, everyone does. Humans are expected to make mistakes. We should learn from these mistakes. Dispatchers can tell early on which drivers will improve and which ones will always be the victim of circumstance. Responsibility and Self-Reliance

Find People That You Can Turn to For Help

Exchange phone numbers with experienced drivers. Road Assist and Dispatch departments are great, but experienced drivers understand and have tons of tips that can help you out. It is your choice to reach out to other drivers and even shop mechanics to answer your questions and expand your knowledge.

Apply Yourself and You Will Excel

Apply yourself, and you will excel. Blame everyone and everything around you and you will not. Tweak your time management and trip planning skills, and research and network to get the answers that you need. Admit your faults and learn from them, and a few years down the road you will be a top tier driver.

Good luck!

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