Safety Belts

There are many excuses as to why drivers do not use their safety belts correctly. Some say that the safety belts are uncomfortable and restrict their movement. They prevent a driver from escaping from a burning or submerged vehicle. Others say that it is better to be thrown from the wreckage in the event of a crash. I am here to tell you that these beliefs are myths and that a driver should always be buckled when in a vehicle.

safety belt

The Importance of Buckling Up

According to the FMCSA, it is required that commercial vehicle drivers always buckle their safety belts.

Most drivers find that by adjusting the seat, lap, and shoulder belt, the discomfort and restrictive movement can be alleviated. A driver not wearing a safety belt does not only affect the driver. It can affect their family and loved ones. It can also affect other drivers on the road, as wearing your safety belt can help from losing control of the truck in the event of a crash.

The lap and shoulder belt are designed to hold a driver securely in place behind the wheel. This increases the driver’s ability to maintain control of the vehicle and minimizes the chance for serious injury or death.

Even if a driver is driving slowly, an unbuckled person continues to move the speed that the driver was driving at the time of the collision. This means that the speed the driver was going at impact, is how fast the unbuckled occupant will hit the windshield of the vehicle.

No matter how good of a driver is behind the wheel, accidents happen. Good drivers do not usually cause collisions. However, it is possible that in a driver’s career, they will be in an accident caused by a bad driver, bad weather, mechanical failure, or even a tire blowout. Wearing a safety belt prevents injuries by preventing ejection and protecting the driver’s head and spinal cord.

Stay safe on the roads and always buckle up.

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