Semi Truck Tires

The Rubber-Between You and the Road (Semi Truck Tires)

Semi truck tires are an important and expensive piece of rubber between you and the road. Getting the most extended possible life out of your tires and having a comfortable and safe ride are attainable goals. Here at Werner Trucking we provide professional installation and get you the best possible life out of your tires.

A Longer Life

Get a longer life from your semi truck tires by being aware of pulling to one side or a wandering truck. These are signs that could be telling you something isn’t quite right. Maybe you have low tire pressure somewhere on the rig or perhaps misaligned wheels.

Save on Maintenance Costs

Want to increase your fuel mileage? Check your tire pressure. Proper inflation of your tires can improve your fuel mileage and save you significant dollars over the long haul on your fuel bill. Proper inflation will also help your semi-truck tires last longer reducing your overall maintenance costs.

You’re not only breaking the law, but you’re risking your safety if you run your tires with too low a tread. Low tread depth can cause you to lose traction, especially when road conditions are not there best due to bad weather. We can check your semi truck tires for depth quickly at our tire repair shop to make sure you are D.O.T. Compliant.

Professional Installation in Our Tire Repair Shop

You don’t need to know it all if you know where to go for Professional Installation of your tires. Here at Werner Trucking, we have the specialized equipment and knowledge to get your old tires removed and the new ones installed correctly. We have on hand in our facility a variety of tires for all your needs. Talk with Ted for a consultation.

Ted has years of experience and can help you select the right tire for the job you are doing and then professionally install them for you. Contact us for more information.

Tire Terms and What They Mean

Semi Truck Tires

AIR PRESSURE: We measure air pressure in pounds per square inch or PSI. It’s the pressure applied by the air inside your tire.

ALIGNMENT: This term refers to the adjustment of the steering and suspension components of your vehicle.

CORD: This is the twisted fibers and strands within your tire, giving it strength.

HANDLING: Handling is how your tires respond to your steering.

MOUNTING: This is installing the tire on the wheel, for professional installation in St. Edward you can find us 100 W Beaver St.

RIM: The portion of the wheel where the tire is mounted.

SIZE: The size will describe the tire dimensions, like tire width and rim diameter.

TRACTION: Is the grip your tire has to the road.

TREAD DEPTH: This is the distance from the top of the tread surface down to the bottom of the grooves. There are specific depths necessary to remain D.O.T. compliant. Stop into one of our tire repair shops and have your tread depth measured anytime.

Tire Sizes and Styles

We have tires for belt trailers, vans, livestock trailers, grain trailers and others. See our shop about which tire is best for your needs.