Slow It Down

Slow It Down

Slow it down. Some drivers want to go, go, go. This mentality can cause mistakes and can even cause accidents. Slow it down, both physically and mentally. This will save you time, you will drive safer, and in turn make more money.

Avoid Unnecessary Risks

Slow It DownTruck stops can be a dangerous place for a driver. Be sure to slow down and constantly scan for potential hazards and find an easy place to park. Backing in and pulling out can be very difficult as many rest stops are designed for shorter trailers. Make lists of truck stops, Walmart’s and other parking places that are easy for you. Also, make a list of stops that you do not want to return to.

Choose a space that has 3-4 open spaces together to back into so that you are less likely to hit someone. Make sure to use the driver’s side to do so as this will lessen the chance of hitting another truck on the blindside.

Make sure to look across from the space you choose to determine if you have enough room to pull forward out of your chosen spot. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is there a possibility of someone parking perpendicular to you and blocking you in?

  2. Is there a space open that you could pull forward into so that you do not have to turn and no one will be able to block you in?

Pay Attention To Details

Mentally slow it down and pay attention, even with paperwork. If you hurry, you could easily grab the wrong trailer, turn into the wrong parking lot, drive into a fuel pump at a wrong angle, or not realize a customer error.

Re-read your load assignment several times to confirm dates and appointment times.

Benefits Of Slower Speeds

Many companies give fuel bonuses for higher miles per gallon. Slowing down can cause it to appear that you are a safer driver who is at less risk for an accident and will minimize costs.

Be Patient And Think Long Term

It takes a while to gain the judgement, confidence, and skills to do this job efficiently. Always scan your surroundings for safety hazards and look for the easiest way to accomplish your task. Pay attention to detail, including dates, bills, routs, weather reports, and traffic conditions. Taking some extra time can save you money, stress, and could leave a great impression on your company due to reduced costs of fuel and damages.

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