Tire Chains

Tire Chains

With winter months upon us, there may be situations where it is crucial to use tire chains on your truck tires to get around in the ice and snow. If a driver is not mentally prepared to deal with the situation of driving in the snow and ice, it is best for that driver to stay off the roads. It is dangerous for an unsure driver to navigate through a winter storm. Confidence and knowing your limits as a driver are important keys to driving in winter weather.Tire Chains

When driving in certain areas a driver may be required to use tire chains. It is important for a driver to know the chain laws in every state that he/she is travelling through. Always watch for road signs or chain up stations that require chains past a certain point.

Where Does a Driver Purchase Tire Chains?

In most situations a driver can contact their driver manager to get a PO to purchase chains from a truck stop. A driver should also be able to pick them up at their shop.

Installing Tire Chains

Chains should be installed on the drive wheels of the truck. When installing your tire chains, it is a good idea to have a good pair of gloves and warm clothes to protect you from cold temperatures and prevent injury. Make sure to take your time to install chains properly. Installing your chains correctly will keep them from breaking. Make sure to put the chains on tight and then re-tighten them after driving a short distance. Loose chains can break easily and damage your truck.

Truck drivers should avoid driving too fast or on dry roads with the tire chains on. A truck’s handling and breaking are affected with the use of chains.

If you have any other suggestions for truck drivers when chaining their tires this winter, please leave your comments below.

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