Trailer Tires & Wheels

Trailer Tires and Wheels

Are your trailer tires and wheels safe and ready for highway use? Although there is no law against selling aged tires in the United States, several tire manufacturers recommend removing tires from service ten years from the date of manufacture regardless of how they might appear upon visual inspection.

Dangers of Poor Trailer Tires & Wheels

Rubber ages and dries out even when not used. Degrading rubber from age alone can cause the tread to peel off, especially at high speeds on the highway or interstate.

Trailer Tires and Wheels

We’ve all seen evidence of this strewn along the road, causing a hazard for others and possible severe loss of control for the driver. According to Wikipedia; tires on seldom-used trailers are at the highest risk of age-failure, but some tires are built to withstand idleness, usu

ally with nylon reinforcement.

Trailer Tires & Wheels; A Description of Terms

If your tire is showing wear down the middle, it could be from OVER INFLATION. Always be sure to use a good tire pressure gauge when checking the inflation of your tires.

On the other side of the coin is UNDER INFLATION, it causes too much tread to be in contact with the road, and the tire will wear quickly on the outer treads.

FEATHERING can be detected by running your hand over the tread rib of the tire. Feathering will result in the rib being rounded on one side and sharp on the other.

ONE SIDE WEAR is just that, your tire is wearing on one side more than the other. This condition is usually due to your wheel being out of alignment. When pulling a trailer, the load has a significant effect on your alignment. Be sure your equipment is loaded correctly, and balanced on the axles.

Warn or even bent suspension parts is often the cause for CUPPING. Cupping is visible when dips develop along the edge of the tire tread.

The rim and the wheel are most often made from a single piece of metal. The rim is the outer edge of the wheel that holds the tire in place. The rims of your wheel can get damaged in a variety of ways the vibration from a damaged rim can cause loss of tire pressure and a dangerous driving situation.

It’s impossible for us to explain all possible issues regarding your trailer tires and wheels and there causes. The causes may be specific to issues with your trailer, van, or tanker. But, here at Werner Trucking in our semi-truck repair shop in St. Edward, NE we can professionally inspect your trailer tires and wheels to make sure your tires are in excellent condition.