Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Truck Driver Appreciation Week

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. It is a time to thank our nation’s truck drivers for all that they do. When was the last time you assessed the things around you?  The clothes you’re wearing?  The food you’re eating?  Where did they come from?  How did they get to you?  We couldn’t be the economy we are today without truck drivers.  They are essential to the transportation of so many products that we desire and even our needs for survival.

Our drivers’ transport goods around our country to make sure that we have access to the necessities of life as well as other merchandise that we take for granted. From food, medications, and, toiletries to toys, gas, and electronics, truck drivers are the reason that we have access to these things.

Truck drivers work hard to make sure their deliveries are made on time. While we see trucks on a regular basis, we do not always appreciate their value or stop to think about how significantly the trucking industry contributes to our everyday lives, communities, and economy.

Did you know?Truck Driver Appreciation Week

  • More than 80% of U.S. Communities rely on trucking.
  • Trucking brings $726 billion in revenue to the American Economy.
  • Trucking supports more than 7 million jobs.
  • Long haul or Over-the-Road truck drivers make up nearly 4 million jobs.
  • There are currently about 15.5 million trucks in operation.
  • The U.S. has over 4 million miles of roads.

Trucks are on the road every day, rain or shine. They give up weekends and holidays to make sure that we all have what we need, when we need it. Our nation’s truck drivers are truly heros. This week, I hope that you will take the time out of your busy schedule to join Werner Service & Trucking Inc while we reflect on the importance of a truck driver’s work.


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