Truck Stops and Driver Needs

Truck Stops and Driver Needs

Many truck stops are working towards meeting truck driver’s needs as the trucking industry continues to grow. Truck drivers want to be able to make one stop for everything that they may need on the road. From the foods they choose, showers, and parking this can be challenging for a driver who spends so much time on the road. Truck stops

Versatile Food Options

Over the years Americans have become more health conscious. Because of this we now expect that businesses that supply will offer fresh foods with fewer additives. With food allergies on the rise, we want transparency. We want to be able see a food item, read the label, and check the “best used by” date. Drivers have noticed that more truck stops are offering more options. Some stops even have sushi chefs on staff. Fruits, yogurts, granola, and salads are commonly supplied at truck stops now. More locations are selling natural and organic drinks as well. 

One Stop Shop

Many truck stops are looking to become a “One Stop Shop”. This means that not only do they provide food, coffee, and showers, but they provide many other accommodations. Drivers cannot afford to make many stops, therefore a “one stop shop” helps them out quite a bit. It is not unusual to find an exercise room, walking trails, or even a dentist when walking into a truck stop. A driver might even be able to get a quick hair cut. 

Speedy Service

Retailers are working to get drivers in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible so that drivers can maximize their on-duty time. In response, truck stops are now offering more grab and go foods. They are changing store layouts for faster and more efficient check outs. Fast, ready to eat foods are kept at the front of the store to save the time of searching for what they are looking for. They are not stopping at the inside of the truck stop either. Many retailers have started evaluating the positioning of the fuel islands for easier and faster entry and exits. Getting our drivers back on the road quickly is their goal. 


A truck driver must stop and rest every 11 hours of driving. NATSO and the NATSO Foundation have paired with the American Trucking Association and the American Transportation Research Institute and developed the mobile app, “Park My Truck.” Park My Truck was developed based on feedback from professional drivers and trucking companies. It is helping to ensure that drivers can easily find safe, legal parking to meet their rest requirements. Park My Truck is free to any member of the nation’s truck driving community. 

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