Werner’s Truck Wash

Werner Truck and Trailer Wash

Werner Trucking operates a semi-truck wash to keep your equipment looking sharp, to maintain its beauty and protect it from the salt and grime on our roads. The facility consists of a drive through wash system.

It Werner Truck and Trailer Washwill wash semi-trucks and other vehicles that physically fit between the rails and arches that make up the wash system. The secret to a good wash is to maintain a slow speed of approximately 1-2 feet per second as you travel through the wash.

The semi-truck wash includes a chemical side and a rear application arches. It also has high pressure front and rear spray arches and finishes with a rinse.

The Process

The chemical arches applies fresh, softened, heated water, injected with a cleaning agent to all exposed surfaces of the vehicle at approximately 40 PSI. The rear chemical sprays are a little heavier at this is the part of your vehicle with the heaviest residue.

The different arches turn on and off when the sensors detect the front and rear of your vehicle. This allows for complete coverage of your vehicle without wasted water or chemical sprays.

The chemical agent loosens the dirt and the high pressure wash arches use fresh water to remove the dirt. The PSI in the wash is approximately 300 a high pressure pump draws water from a holding tank.Werner Truck and Trailer Wash

The rise is applied to the top and sides of the vehicle as well as the front and rear. This gives your vehicle a proper rinse as you exit the truck-car wash.

Key System

We operate the wash with a “key” system. If you’d like a key, please stop in the office at Werner Trucking and fill out a credit application. We will also mail one to you, just call and let us know you’d like to have a key for the truck wash.

Come In For A Wash

Werner Truck and Trailer washYou can also stop in and just pay cash at the semi repair shop and Ted or one of the guys can get you set up for a wash. The wash only takes a few minutes and does an excellent job.

As you enter from the West side of the building you’ll see a stop light. A green light indicates that the system is up and running and ready for a wash. If you see a red light, you’ll have to wait just a few minutes for the system to reset.

Stop in anytime during business hours and we can show you around.