Where Would Our Nation Be Without the Trucking Industry?

trucking economyThe trucking profession is the backbone of the American economy. Truckers are underappreciated and work in an industry that is taken for granted. There are roughly 3.5 million truck drivers throughout America. These drivers move nearly 70% of all freight tonnage in the United States. Without truck drivers, commerce would stop. We would not have access to products such as milk, produce, electronics, or lifesaving medical devices. Our country would experience a food and fuel shortage within days. Without the trucking industry, the American economy would stop.

Keeping Our Nation’s Economy Going

Each day, thousands of shipments are delivered by our nation’s drivers. These drivers fight freezing rain, snow, high winds, and rocky terrain to provide us with everyday products that would otherwise not be there. If that is not impressive enough, here are a few more impressive facts about trucking economy today.

  • The average driver books about 105,000 miles per year.
  • There are over 3 million truck drivers in the United States.
  • The top transferred goods in America are clothing, food, furniture, electrical goods, and machinery goods.
  • The trucking industry in billions of dollars in revenue each year. This accounts for roughly 5% of America’s GDP.
  • A truck’s engine is six times bigger than a car engine and can go up to one million miles.
  • The average daily run for a long-haul driver is 500 miles.
  • Trucking exclusively serves over 80% of all communities in the United States.
  • One out of nine truckers are an independent driver.
  • There are 200,000 female long-haul drivers. This number is always growing.
  • There are approximately 15.7 million trucks operating in the United States today. This means, if you lined up all the trucks end to end, they would reach the moon.
  • Emissions from 60 of today’s trucks are equal to emissions from 1 truck in 1988.
  • A truck needs 40% more time to stop than cars due to their size and weight.
  • Ninety percent of the food Americans eat is hauled by refrigerated trucks.
  • The trucking industry consumes roughly 50 billion gallons of gasoline every year. This consumption is nearly 13% of the country’s total fuel consumption.
  • Most of the trucking companies in America are small businesses.

These truck drivers put their lives on the line each day to ensure that we have what we need to continue our every day lives. Truck drivers are the backbone or our economy. With this being said, the next time you see a truck driver around, make sure to thank them for keeping our nation’s economy progressing each day.

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